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Meet Annika... She's a little nuts.

I'm so nutty, I sometimes talk about myself in the third person. I'm also obsessed with boobs, bananas {as a design element, not so into eating them, to be honest}, target aisle endcaps, thai iced tea, collecting trays, giving doggy belly rubs, and making women feel empowered, positive, and bold.

Hey Mavens began as Married & Bright {you can still shop my bridal designs there!}, but morphed into this new brand so I could really go hog wild designing crazy things for you to put on your fancy bits and beyond. Let's be honest -- I really wanted to create a rainbow and unicorns collection and felt held back by the serious and elegant business name of M&B. 

So I performed a little surgery on that conjoined twin and now I have two babies! I hope you'll enjoy the funlier side of me and my work.

And for the record, I still believe that handmade is best, quality is queen, and that the way you look on the outside has the power to influence how you feel on the inside.

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Hey there, Maven.

You are an expert of something. I just know it! Whether it's shaking the last little crumb out of the cheetos bag, literally launching rocketships into space, or weaving the most elaborate pie crust in all of the northern hemisphere, you're the master of it. 

I'm here to celebrate that. Hey Mavens was designed to honor you, from the inside out. When you're wearing something that truly aligns with who you are as a person, a new level of pep in your step magically unlocks. Maybe that means putting kitties on your titties or a unicorn on your uterus. I don't judge. I'm just here to make it happen.

What are you a Maven of?

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