THE BOX April Unboxing

This is my favorite item I've made for the subscription box so far. Let me tell you why -- the photorealistic floral print is so beautiful and springy, and the neoprene fabric is rich, thick, stretchy, supportive, and COMFORTABLE. The seamed cup provides an ideal fit. The band is thick and juicy and firm and spongy and uplifting. The straps are delicate and dainty. 

Still wanna know more? Watch the video below!

Annika Chaloff
THE BOX March Unboxing

There are only two days left to subscribe to THE BOX for March! Click the video below to see what's inside. I think you'll be pleasantly surprised to find that this box is a double whammy of sexy chic oxblood bralettes. Accented with supple lace, and shining gold mesh, these twin bralettes are going to be your twins’ new favorite things!

Don't miss out -- the ONLY place to get this duo of bras is inside THE BOX, and it closes on Thursday. Check out before the end of the month to claim this box!!

Annika Chaloff
THE BOX February Unboxing

Check out what’s inside THE BOX for February! This cute, sporty, two-tone crop-top bralette is like the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. You’ll treasure this sweet piece — the thick straps and band are plush, comfortable, and supportive, while the metallic fabrics sparkle and shine. Subscribe today to be sure to get in on this amazing shipment!

Annika Chaloff
Be Your Own Valentine

Valentine’s Day is a month away! While some people might regard this particular holiday as a phony, made-up excuse to sell you cheap chocolate and/or feel bad about your relationship status — whatever it may be — I like to think of it as just another reason to wear pink, drink champagne, and sprinkle a little love around to friends, lovers, and most importantly yourself!

I’ve been a long-time proponent of self care in the form of treating yourself… scratch that — absolutely spoiling yourself! There’s no reason to sit around waiting for someone to fill you up the way you deserve, especially when you can already do that yourself. I may be biased, but I’m pretty sure a decadent pair of undies and a matching bralette, are the exact perfect recipe for feeling like your best self.

That’s why, this Valentine’s Day, I’ve created a sweet little collection that is completely designed to delight the ladies. While yes, these pieces just might make your partner’s eyes pop out of their head a little bit… who cares if they even like it when you are feeling this damn good in it?! The added bonus of someone else appreciating the way you look is just icing on top of the Red Velvet cake that you already are.

When you slip into these skivvies this February 14th, you miiiiight just find yourself dancing in front of the mirror, or walking with an extra sway down the street, or just secretly beaming while you sit casually at your desk, knowing that you’re definitely wearing the cutest undies in the office.

Go ahead, treat yourself. You deserve it.


Annika Chaloff
The Premium Pouch

Every month, between the 15th and the 20th, the Premium Pouch becomes available. This shining, golden pocket of delight features inside a secret, surprise piece of lingerie. It could be a bralette, a pair of undies, a whole lingerie set, or even some brand new design like a nightie or bodysuit.

I only make 10 of the pouch's contents, and only fill 10 pouches -- so if you've been thinking about ordering one, you have to act fast!

Wanna know some more sweet deets?
♥ Limited run surprise lingerie {could be a bralette, pair of undies, or a set}
♥ Only ten of a kind made each month
♥ Every month features a new style
♥ A Nifty Gifty is included with each Premium Pouch as a hint as to what’s inside
♥ Available in sizes XXS – XXXXL
♥ You choose your size
♥ Premium Pouches are available from the 15th to the 20th of every month
♥ Ships on the first of the following month
♥ Handmade in Nashville, Tennessee
♥ Sealed in a golden mylar pouch -- makes a great gift for yourself or a gal pal
♥ Will arrive in a gold mailer
♥ Hand wash, lay flat to dry

I'm crazy excited about this month's release because it's a design I've been thinking about for a long time, but could seem to fit it into any upcoming collections, but I wanted to create it anyway. Here's a little hint --

Screen Shot 2018-06-17 at 7.49.50 PM.png
Annika Chaloff
The Rain-Bow Connection

When I released my very first swimwear collection, I was so excited, and so, so very nervous. My customers had been asking for years if I could create some swimwear designs, and people often mistook some of my lingerie pieces for bathing suits. Nonetheless, this felt like unchartered water {no pun intended!} to me, and I had no idea how the swimsuit launch would go.


Suffice to say, I was blown away. As I always do, I offered an early release to the members of my Maven Haven group. And, they gobbled the suits right up! What I thought would take a month to sell through, was gone in less than an hour. 


When I woke up on the morning of launch day, I literally had nothing to launch. The cupboard was bare. So, I hustled my bustle to find a comparable fabric since the original one was long since sold out, create new samples, add more styles, and get these rain-bows out to the masses. 

About a week later, we were up and running again. And better than ever! I added a much-requested low-rise bikini bottom style, and updated the fabrics to be 100% reversible. I am so excited about these changes! You now have the option to choose from six reverse side solid fabrics to make your suit twice as fun! 

Annika Chaloff
Why Hey Mavens?

When considering a name change for Married & Bright, I wanted to pick carefully and intentionally.  When I named Married & Bright, I just kind of pulled the name out of the hat because I had a blog using that name and I felt that my business was going to be an extension of that. As soon as I made the decision to change, it was time to actually brainstorm a new name.

Here are a couple of criteria for coming up with a new business moniker:

  • not have an and/&/+ in it. Even though Married & Bright is a play on words, I wasn't in love with how trendy this naming formula has become and many other brands had similar style names -- this thing and that thing; cute word & and fun phrase. 
  • reflect more deeply the direction the brand was going in -- playful, fun, joyous
  • be a bit more broad -- Married & Bright felt too narrow, it made it seem like this lingerie was only for espoused persons
  • be general enough to encompass a variety of products {more on that as we move through the year!}, but unique enough for me to be able to obtain the proper URLs and social handles

I had already been using the word "Mavens" in my brand language, so it didn't feel too out of left field for the name change. I've always loved that word. I think it has a nice musicality to it, and it feels powerful, modern with a throwback twist, and very me.

photo by Carmen Rogge

A maven is an expert, a connoisseur. A Married & Bright Maven {the name of my facebook group, which as of this writing, I have yet to change}, is a M&B super fan, a collector, the ultimate handmade lingerie zealot. So what does that make a Hey Mavens... maven? Well, I believe that everyone is an expert at something. This line of lingerie is for every person who is a devotee of something -- someone who is passionate about her life, her interests, her well being. She is someone deeply dedicated to self care {#treatyoself},she's an intelligent woman who knows her self worth, a kind and hilarious and spunky and loving woman. She is you. No matter your area of expertise, I am here to celebrate it but creating underwear that makes life even more of a party.

If you're worried about what happening, to Married & Bright -- don't be! It still exists... just on it's own site. Stay tuned for an upcoming post about what will be going on with that side of the brand this year!

Annika Benitz Chaloff
Why change?

I decided it was time to make a change in late 2017. That's when most of my big ideas come to me -- in the quiet space between sending my final Christmas order, and opening shop again in the new year.


I was chatting with a friend and her boyfriend about my business, when the boyfriend said "I'd love to buy something from you for my girlfriend, but the word "married" scares me." That's when it clicked... everything I'd been thinking since I named my brand Married & Bright on a whim when I couldn't think of a better name, and vowed to change it later... the doubts about my core customer... the questions about how I could reach new shoppers... the wonderings about how I could delight the masses. It clicked --

Married & Bright is a bridal line, made for those approaching their wedding day, traveling on a honeymoon, and celebrating many anniversaries.

But my heart wanted to make fun, brightly colored, whimsically printed, non-white, not-classic lingerie.

Enter Hey Mavens, your one-stop-shop for everything quirky, bold, silly, and fun. This lingerie line is for every gal who has ever shopped for leggings in the kids section, eaten a unicorn shaped cupcake, worn sequins with sweatpants, and dreamed of vacationing in palm springs wearing only rainbow coordinated outfits with her girlfriends.

This lingerie line is for you.

Annika Benitz Chaloff