Why change?

I decided it was time to make a change in late 2017. That's when most of my big ideas come to me -- in the quiet space between sending my final Christmas order, and opening shop again in the new year.


I was chatting with a friend and her boyfriend about my business, when the boyfriend said "I'd love to buy something from you for my girlfriend, but the word "married" scares me." That's when it clicked... everything I'd been thinking since I named my brand Married & Bright on a whim when I couldn't think of a better name, and vowed to change it later... the doubts about my core customer... the questions about how I could reach new shoppers... the wonderings about how I could delight the masses. It clicked --

Married & Bright is a bridal line, made for those approaching their wedding day, traveling on a honeymoon, and celebrating many anniversaries.

But my heart wanted to make fun, brightly colored, whimsically printed, non-white, not-classic lingerie.

Enter Hey Mavens, your one-stop-shop for everything quirky, bold, silly, and fun. This lingerie line is for every gal who has ever shopped for leggings in the kids section, eaten a unicorn shaped cupcake, worn sequins with sweatpants, and dreamed of vacationing in palm springs wearing only rainbow coordinated outfits with her girlfriends.

This lingerie line is for you.

Annika Benitz Chaloff