Why Hey Mavens?

When considering a name change for Married & Bright, I wanted to pick carefully and intentionally.  When I named Married & Bright, I just kind of pulled the name out of the hat because I had a blog using that name and I felt that my business was going to be an extension of that. As soon as I made the decision to change, it was time to actually brainstorm a new name.

Here are a couple of criteria for coming up with a new business moniker:

  • not have an and/&/+ in it. Even though Married & Bright is a play on words, I wasn't in love with how trendy this naming formula has become and many other brands had similar style names -- this thing and that thing; cute word & and fun phrase. 
  • reflect more deeply the direction the brand was going in -- playful, fun, joyous
  • be a bit more broad -- Married & Bright felt too narrow, it made it seem like this lingerie was only for espoused persons
  • be general enough to encompass a variety of products {more on that as we move through the year!}, but unique enough for me to be able to obtain the proper URLs and social handles

I had already been using the word "Mavens" in my brand language, so it didn't feel too out of left field for the name change. I've always loved that word. I think it has a nice musicality to it, and it feels powerful, modern with a throwback twist, and very me.

photo by Carmen Rogge

A maven is an expert, a connoisseur. A Married & Bright Maven {the name of my facebook group, which as of this writing, I have yet to change}, is a M&B super fan, a collector, the ultimate handmade lingerie zealot. So what does that make a Hey Mavens... maven? Well, I believe that everyone is an expert at something. This line of lingerie is for every person who is a devotee of something -- someone who is passionate about her life, her interests, her well being. She is someone deeply dedicated to self care {#treatyoself},she's an intelligent woman who knows her self worth, a kind and hilarious and spunky and loving woman. She is you. No matter your area of expertise, I am here to celebrate it but creating underwear that makes life even more of a party.

If you're worried about what happening, to Married & Bright -- don't be! It still exists... just on it's own site. Stay tuned for an upcoming post about what will be going on with that side of the brand this year!

Annika Benitz Chaloff