The Rain-Bow Connection

When I released my very first swimwear collection, I was so excited, and so, so very nervous. My customers had been asking for years if I could create some swimwear designs, and people often mistook some of my lingerie pieces for bathing suits. Nonetheless, this felt like unchartered water {no pun intended!} to me, and I had no idea how the swimsuit launch would go.


Suffice to say, I was blown away. As I always do, I offered an early release to the members of my Maven Haven group. And, they gobbled the suits right up! What I thought would take a month to sell through, was gone in less than an hour. 


When I woke up on the morning of launch day, I literally had nothing to launch. The cupboard was bare. So, I hustled my bustle to find a comparable fabric since the original one was long since sold out, create new samples, add more styles, and get these rain-bows out to the masses. 

About a week later, we were up and running again. And better than ever! I added a much-requested low-rise bikini bottom style, and updated the fabrics to be 100% reversible. I am so excited about these changes! You now have the option to choose from six reverse side solid fabrics to make your suit twice as fun! 

Annika Chaloff