supporting small shops without spending big bucks

supporting small shops without spending big bucks

Shopping small can make a big difference - from supporting the creators and owners directly and receiving handmade and unique items to furthering causes such as buying women owned and sustainable - but sometimes money is tight and you can’t afford to spend as much as you’d like to really show your appreciation. But that doesn’t mean you can’t help the business flourish! Here’s a few ways that you can be a good patron of your local small business without having to break the bank!

  1. Leave a follow and take a card

We’ve all been there: we go into the cutest little store and swear up and down that we’ll bookmark the website to look at the next time we need a good gift or a special treat, and the instant we step into our house we forget what the store was called. Fast forward to the next baby shower or self care day and we’re stuck trying to find a unique gift. So don’t wait! Take out your phone and drop that follow right then and there, or if you don’t have a device then take a business card to remember. Many small businesses work hard to make sure their social media are unique and fun, and some are even able to build a community of other small shoppers and independent businesses that could help you find even more to support. Plus, some even do secret coupons and sales just for followers, so don’t miss out savings!

2. Be Social on Social Media

In this day and age, the phrase “Like and comment” has become as common as ”Stop, drop, and roll”. But is it really that helpful?

Yes, in fact! By liking or commenting on your favorite small brand’s social media posts, you tell the website that this account is something they should recommend to others, furthering the audience the business can reach and helping others that you don’t even know find the company. Not to mention it’s a fun little piece of encouragement for the creator of the content to see people interacting!

3. Spread the Good Word

Want something a little more personal? Well, you can always post about the business yourself! Take a photo of your favorite product, post about why you love their things, or even just share their posts to your own story. Personal recommendation can go a long way, and maybe someone in your life could use a new business to support too.

4. Buy Bits and Bobs

Even if you aren’t dripping with spare cash, don’t diminish the value of small items. Even if it’s only a $4 vinyl sticker for your computer or water bottle, that $4 will still provide business and communicate support and appreciation! Pins, stickers, keychains, and prints are great ways to shop small without breaking the bank. A little here and there can go a long way for a small business!

5. Speak Up!

Is there something you love at the company? Is there something you want to see more of? Tell them! By communicating to the business the features important enough to you to spend your money on, you can become directly involved with helping the business continue providing products people can love! Just remember, one of the best parts of small business is that it’s individual and personal, so be patient and be polite and remember to respect the who behind the what ;)

Did we miss anything? What’s your favorite way to support small businesses? Well, put number 2 into practice and visit our instagram or join our FB group, “The Maven Haven”, and let us know! Stay Savvy, Shop Small!

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