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helpful hints

If you’re still unsure of your bra size, a great rule of thumb is to order based on the size you would select for a women’s fit t-shirt.


If you would normally select a size medium women’s fit tee (not unisex), then a medium bra should work for you!


If you fall cross-ways on the size chart, i.e. a small cup and a large band, select the average size between those sizes, i.e. medium.


Because our bralettes don’t have defined or wired cups, the sizing is flexible. The band blends into the cup, and you should fit overall!

For bodysuits, if you are a different size on top than you are on bottom, go by the size of your lower half.

We also created three brand new sizes for people who fall cross-ways on the size chart, the Extra Medium, Hey Mavium, and Mini Extra Large.