Ethical and Sustainable Lingerie Production

Ethical and Sustainable Lingerie Production

When it comes to the fashion industry, the words "ethics" and "sustainability" have become increasingly more important and relevant in recent years. We know that consumers like you are now more conscious than ever about the environmental and ethical impacts of their clothing choices. Given this changing landscape, here at Hey Mavens!, we are striving to set a powerful example of how lingerie production can be both ethical and sustainable right here in the United States.

Ethical Manufacturing Starts at Home: Local Artisans in Nashville

We are Hey Mavens!, a lingerie brand based in Nashville, Tennessee. We have placed a strong emphasis on supporting local artisans and communities through our production and manufacturing practices. Rather than outsourcing labor to factories overseas in countries with lower production costs, Hey Mavens! chooses to collaborate with local artisans, contributing to the local economy and fostering a sense of community.

Our team of sewists work both in our warehouse studio and in their own homes to create our designs. Many of our team members are moms, college students and recent graduates, and small business owners themselves. Because they are able to work on their own time, in their own spaces, maintaining a job while balancing their busy lives becomes more attainable and sustainable. We are proud to partner with talented and skilled local craftspeople to create local jobs and bolster our local economy. 

In working with our location production partners, we ensure that every piece of lingerie is crafted with care, precision, and the highest quality workmanship. This approach not only produces exceptionally crafted goods, but also promotes fair wages and ethical working conditions for the artisans involved.

US-Based Local Fabrics Resources

A key aspect of our commitment to ethical and sustainable lingerie production is sourcing of fabrics from US-based mills and print houses. We choose to work with textile manufacturers in North Carolina, California and right here in Tennessee, reducing the carbon footprint associated with long-distance transportation. By supporting domestic mills, Hey Mavens! is also contributing to the preservation of American manufacturing jobs.

Furthermore, the proximity of these mills allows for more direct oversight of the production process, helping to ensure that the fabrics meet the our high-quality standards. Our textiles come from family-owned and operated businesses that maintain fair and ethical practices within their own operations. This approach not only supports local industries but also promotes transparency within the supply chain.

Reducing Waste through Scrap and Deadstock Fabric

One of the most exciting and powerful aspects of our sustainable practices at Hey Mavens! is our commitment to reducing waste. We know that the best thing for the environment is to have the smallest impact on it as possible. Short of producing nothing, reusing existing textiles is one of the strongest ways to reduce harm to our planet. We happily utilizes scrap and deadstock fabric in our lingerie production, significantly reducing the amount of textile waste that typically plagues the fashion industry.

We are obsessed with scraps -- maybe even to the point of hoarding our off-cuts for later yes. Scrap fabric, often discarded as waste by other brands, is repurposed to create beautiful and unique pieces. This not only minimizes environmental impact but also adds a touch of individuality to each garment. Our scrap fabric has been given new life in our SCRAPS Collection made in honor of Earth Day. We utilized thousands of bits of discarded velvet created during the production of our regular stock to craft one-of-a-kind lingerie pieces that are truly collectors items.

We also love making use of deadstock fabrics. Deadstock fabrics are textiles produced by and for other brands that never got put to use. They are often years or decades old, but still in mint condition, and just as good as new materials. We enjoy working with deadstock because it keeps perfectly wonderful materials from ending up in a landfull. By incorporating deadstock materials (fabrics that would otherwise go to waste), we are taking a proactive step in reducing the fashion industry's contribution to landfills.

Ethical Manufacturing and Sustainable Fashion Are The Future

Here at Hey Mavens!, we stand for the advancement ethical and sustainable lingerie production in the United States. By supporting local artisans, sourcing fabrics from nearby resources, and reducing waste through the use of scrap and deadstock materials, we fill deep commitment to the principles of ethics and sustainability.

As consumers become increasingly conscious of the impact of their fashion choices, Hey Mavens! seeks to pave the way for a more responsible and eco-friendly fashion industry. By supporting businesses that prioritize ethics and sustainability, we can all contribute to a greener and more ethical future. We hope to not only redefine lingerie production; but redefine the future of fashion.


Hey Mavens! is a line of handmade, size-inclusive, ethically- and environmentally-friendly produced lingerie. We are female founded, and queer-owned and -operated. All of our pieces are designed, cut, and sewn in Nashville with an emphasis on comfortable fits, queer and plus-size body inclusivity, and fun! Our aim is to serve folks who may have felt shut out from the fashion industry by providing a safe and welcoming space to find the most intimate of garments. We have received the Best of Nashville Award in 2021 and 2022, and have been featured on Buzzfeed, HelloGiggles, Refinery 29, Fashionista, and The Zoe Report. 
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