Queer Lingerie

Queer Lingerie

Here at Hey Mavens, we are all about love, diversity, and pure comfort. I know that as a queer person myself, before entering an establishment, I often wonder "is this place queer friendly?" and even "am I safe here as a queer person?" I'm sure if you are a member of the LGBTQIA+ community, you have wondered the same thing at some point in your life.

Gender Inclusive Lingerie

Let's get this straight: Hey Mavens! is a lingerie wonderland where all genders, sexualities, and backgrounds are celebrated. We believe that no matter who you are or how you identify, you deserve to feel confident, comfortable, and incredibly sexy in your undies!

Our motto? "Lingerie is for everybody, and every body." Yep, that's right! We're all about inclusivity. Not only do we carry one of the widest size ranges available on the market today -- hello sizes XXS - 10XL and beyond! -- but we also design with many body types in mind too. Maybe you're not conventionally curvy, maybe your body is in transition, or maybe you've just never found a bra that could meet your unique needs. We are here to help! We've got the bralettes and underpants that will hug your beautiful body, and be just right for your queer little life!

Lingerie for All

We celebrate diversity like it's our job -- because it literally is! From our marketing campaigns to the lovely models we feature, we strive to represent all walks of life. We're all unique, and that's something to embrace, not hide.

Here's the deal: when you shop with Hey Mavens!, you're not just picking up underwear; you're entering a safe space. Whether you prefer browsing our fabulous collection online or visiting us in-store, you're in for a warm and welcoming experience, filled with love and acceptance. 

We're especially proud to support our amazing queer community, making it loud and clear that Hey Mavens! lingerie is for everyone, no matter your sexual orientation. Love is love, and we're here to spread it with our comfy and beautiful undergarments. We've got all the rainbows in the world, if that's your thing!

Queer Friendly Undergarments

At Hey Mavens!, we want you to feel fabulous, free, and confident in your own skin. So whether you're small, tall, round, or straight-up-and-down, curvy, or somewhere in bettween we've got something that'll make you feel like a rock star.

The key? Inclusivity, diversity, and a sprinkle of self-expression. Our aim is to create a safe, fun, and accepting environment for every single soul out there. Size, race, gender, sexual identity, sexual orientation, body type, background, or status—none of it matters here. All that matters is being yourself and feeling amazing while you do it!

So, if you're in the market for fabulous lingerie that celebrates your uniqueness and makes you feel like a total boss, Hey Mavens! is the place to be. Come on over, and let's share some love, comfort, and a whole lot of fun!

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We're not just about diversity and inclusion, we also care about ethical production.

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