Is Hey Mavens! a Plus Size Boutique?

Is Hey Mavens! a Plus Size Boutique?

Is Hey Mavens! a plus size boutique?

Nope. Kind of. Maybe we are sort of a plus size boutique.

But let's back up first and talk about some terminology.

What does plus size mean?

The term "plus size" is commonly used to describe clothing and fashion designed for individuals who wear larger sizes than what is considered to be the "standard" or "typical" range of sizes. While there is no definitive cut-off point for what constitutes "plus size," it generally refers to sizes 14 and up in women's clothing and XL and up in men's clothing.

What is straight sizing?

The term "straight sizing" is used to describe clothing that is designed and manufactured in "standard sizes", typically ranging from 00 to 12 in women's clothing and small to XL in men's clothing. These sizes are based on industry standards and are meant to fit individuals within a certain range of body measurements. Straight sizing generally caters to individuals with smaller body frames and proportions, while individuals who fall outside of these size ranges may require plus size or extended size clothing options. Straight sizing is often criticized for its lack of inclusivity, as it fails to cater to a wide range of body types and sizes.

So, what does Hey Mavens! carry?

Did you notice that there was a fair amount of quotation marks in the paragraphs above? That's because Hey Mavens! doesn't define our offerings by size, just like how we don't define our customers that way. We don't have a "straight size" section or a "plus size" section. All of our sizes from XXS through 10XL are available both in our store and on our online shop

I shy away from using size-defining terminology like "plus size boutique" because my philosophy dictates that all bodies are just bodies -- there is no moral value attached to sizing, and oftentimes categories that draw boundaries around sizing can be otherizing. At Hey Mavens! we seek to be as inclusive as possible when it comes to sizing (as well as all other arenas), and language like "straight" and "plus" can be divisive. 

Not just a plus size store

Words mean things, and there is definitely much-needed room in this world for plus size boutiques (in fact, check out this list of local places to shop in Nashville that cater to plus size folks)! Because the merchandise that we design, produce, and carry doesn't just fall into the "straight size" or "plus size" categories, we choose not to be hemmed in by the term "plus size store."

Size Inclusive vs Plus Size

When it comes to the difference between size inclusive and plus size, it's really just a matter of who the store or business is trying to serve. We serve everyone. 

Size inclusive and plus size are both terms used to describe clothing and fashion that caters to a wider range of body types and sizes. However, there are some differences between the two.

Plus size typically refers to clothing designed specifically for individuals who wear 14 for women and XL for men, and goes up from there.

Size inclusive, on the other hand, refers to clothing that is designed to be inclusive of a wide range of body types and sizes, including both "standard" and "plus sizes." Size inclusive clothing often features more inclusive sizing options, such as extended sizes or a wider range of sizes within a single garment. The goal of size inclusive fashion is to offer clothing that is accessible and accommodating to individuals of all body types and sizes.

Plus size clothing is designed specifically for larger sizes, while size inclusive clothing is designed to be inclusive of a wide range of body types and sizes, including both "standard" and "plus sizes."

We recognize that no person is standard -- each of us are a completely unique work of art -- so defining or limiting ourselves to only catering to one group of people or another, doesn't align with our beliefs. 

Plus Size, Straight Size, Size Inclusive Shopping

I hope that this post has helped to answer the question of whether or not Hey Mavens! is a plus size store. As you can see, yes, we do carry plus sizes, but we are not simply a plus size shop -- we are much more than that. We look forward to meeting you at our store at The Shops at Porter East, or serving you via our online boutique. I hope you will feel welcome regardless of what your size or shape is, and know always that Your Worth Comes From Within.

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